Shree jain Hospital & Research Centre is a well-equipped hospital and has been functioning in the thickly populated locality of Howrah for about last 19 years giving succour and relief to multitude of ailing patients at a very low cost. Being a part of S.S jain Sabha,a philanthropic organization of Kolkata, which is a 85 years old charitable trust with motto of Hospital is to plough back its earnings for modernization and up-gradation as well as in subsidizing bed charges and dialysis charges to very poor and needy patients. Part of its earnings are also spent for organizing free eye operation,distribution of Limbs and Calipers and Plastic Surgery by renowned surgeons from Germany.


The hospital can boast of a 18-bedded state-of-the-art I.T.U. having all facilities like ventilators, bi-pap, and other life saving equipments and accessories under constant vigil of trained doctors, nurses and other support staff. The dialysis department has 14 numbers of dialysis machines and is considered among one of the best and cheapest dispenser of service in the State. Approximately 1400 dialysis are performed here every month under the supervision of Dr. Jayanto Bose, a renowned Nephrologist in eastern India. Dialysis for poor patients are done at a heavily subsidized cost.

The hospital has various other specialized departments staffed by Specialist Doctors and Technician for diagnosis and treatment of patients like Pathology, MRI, CT. Scan, X-ray, Cardiology, Pediatric, Lung Clinic, Dental, Eye Clinic, Trauma, Physiotherapy,etc. Which are visited by numerous patients every day.

Very soon Open Heart By-pass Surgery is going to be started at the hospital under care of Dr.K.M. Mandana, a very well known Surgeon in West Bengal. It needs to be mentioned that the hospital has five (5) large-sized well equipped operation theaters.


The Hospital today takes great pleasure in inaugurating renovated air-conditioned Poly Clinic with more specialist and super specialist doctors for diagnosis and treatment at a reasonable charge. Poly Clinic will henceforth run from 9A.M. to 9P.M. Also opening is renovated Pathology with more sophisticated and high-tech equipments like fully automated blood analyzer for instant and correct bio-chemistry report. In pursuit of providing top class service the hospital is planning to procure more sophisticated equipments for pathology and other Investigation Department to provide best diagnostic facilities in Howrah.