This small adventure by the trustees and committee members of Shree S.S Jain Sabha and their social activites do not require any more introduction or details as the service it has been rendering not only to its neighbours but entire surrounding of Howrah and kolkata, Since its inception from 15th of august 1997 because of constant efforts and persistance of shri S.M.Kankaria, shri R.D.Bhansali, Shri Bachraj Abhani, Shri Ridhkaran Bothra, Shri Vinod Minni and others,this hospital has now grown to such a height that it can boast to be one of the best and biggest serving hospital in the entire neighbourhood having 160 beds with most modern and technical facilities.

We would like to mention here that this hospital will always remain grateful to Sri Harakchandji Kankaria, Sri Pannalaljee Kochar and Sri Sunderlalji Dugar whose frequent valued support have helped this hospital at the time of need.It would have been difficult for this hospital to achieve this height without their blessing.

It will not be out of place to mention here that the contribution, mental and moral support extended to this institute by late Srichandji Nahata & Bhawarlalji Karnawat their valued support will remain memorable in the history of this hospital. This hospital will always remain grateful to them and we will always pray for the peace of their souls in the heaven.

By virtue of associated trustees and donners, we are sure,the day is not far when your hospital will become the largest and most trusted medical service provider at the reasonable and cheapest rate to all class of citizens. Today the medical profession is becoming commercial and out of reach of the lower and middle class people. As a Secretary of this Hospital. I assure you that we believe in human service and we are working at no loss no profit basis. Our dedicated team of Doctors,Surgeons and staff are always at your service.

I will not be out of place to mention here that the approach road to the hospital which earlier was in a very bad shape, uncomfortable and uneven has now been made of solid concrete with steel reinforcement which has paved the way for easy,comfortable and safe passage to the needy patient. This development is bound to yield result and comfort.